Venus Homes

Our Story

At Venus Homes, we aim to bring the most sophisticated ideas, latest technology and innovative design to the properties we collaboratively develop. Venus is a planet that outshines everything else in the night sky, inspiring us to aim for the highest standards. In mythology, Venus represents beauty, balance, and creativity, which are at the center of our design philosophy. And Ven is the root of an Old Dutch word that means “green, fertile place,” emphasizing our focus on the natural surroundings and landscape of our properties and our commitment to building environmentally friendly homes.

Venus Homes leadership brings an empathetic understanding of what sophisticated buyers seek in a purchase so closely tied to identity. In locations and with features to appeal to discriminating individuals and families, Venus Homes are spacious, luxurious, and well built, designed to facilitate family living and gracious hospitality.


Venus Homes is now developing new estate homes in Menlo Park, California, and in Highland Park and University Park, Texas, near Dallas.

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